Benefits Of SEO Over PPC Advertising

1. It’s simple

You hire SEO team. Hand over your website to them. Tell them what your potential clients are searching on the internet. The SEO team makes your site SEO-compatible, arranges content, creates and loads new content at a suitable frequency all the time aligning their efforts with Google algorithm to determine search results ranking. Google monitors the quality and authority of the website and increases or decreases its rank in real time. For you, the SEO process is as simple as that, though it takes a lot of initial effort and then periodical inputs for the SEO team to accomplish it.

2. It’s economical

SEO is almost free. You don’t pay Google for clicks or lead generation. You steadily invest low amounts.

a) One-time payment to SEO agency to make the website SEO compatible (or build a new website if the website does not exist)

b) Monthly retainer fee to SEO agency for periodically loading it with relevant content in such a special way that Google starts evaluating it as a high-quality website.

3. Its benefits are everlasting

SEO takes a few months to bring your website to a visible position in search engine results. But once it is there, the lead generation is perpetual.

4. It gets you premium on your prices

As a result of SEO work, websites ranking high in natural search results are perceived as credible. They leave a positive impact on the prospects who in turn are willing to pay a premium to such companies. There are people who believe that company-sponsored ads do not give a true picture of the product or service on offer. Such people prefer to visit the organically listed websites on search engine.

5. It gets you wider reach

In SEO, the focus is on the right keywords, whereas PPC campaigns also focus on the target audience in order to minimise the variable ad spend. This makes SEO’s reach much wider than PPC.

6. CPC advertising is going to get more expensive with time

Paid digital ads like cost-per-click (CPC) are best suited for getting leads quicker and get sales faster, but at a much higher cost than SEO-generated leads. Given that the whole world is going to adopt digital marketing sooner than we can think of, in near future we will see a plethora of businesses vying for CPC ads raising the cost per click with time.

7. SEO generated leads are insulated from budgets

Leads from SEO are largely unaffected by your marketing budget. The leads from ad campaigns fluctuate in direct relation with the money pumped into it.

8. Up-ranking and content building help each other and your business

Content building is a key component of SEO. When the content contains information that your potential clients are seeking on search engine, it is possible that your content page shows up in the list of search results. A proper content strategy brings prospects to your website even if its home page has not yet ranked high in search results.

9. Superb user experience

Improving search results ranking through SEO requires that the website is fast and its various contents properly integrated. This leaves the visitors with a better experience and enhances their perception about the business.

10. Smart buyers always check with you

Consumers do on-line research before buying. So, they invariably visit first few organically listed websites on the search page. This increases the probability of sending enquiries to the top-ranking websites.

Having enumerated advantages of SEO over PPC, it will be unwise to jump to SEO without careful analysis. Based on the nature of your industry, some websites with very high authority may already be existing for your type of products or services and it may be nearly impossible for you to be visible in the search engine result pages, or it may take very long time and high amount of effort for the SEO team to outrank the high authority websites. In such cases, it will be prudent to remain contented PPC models of advertising.

Another downside of SEO is updating of search engine algorithm once in a while. Algorithm is a set of rules followed by Google to determine the authority of a website. The SEO experts keep a track of the current algorithm and design their optimisation activities around that. However, sometimes a change in the algorithm may cause the optimisation to become suddenly ineffective, plummeting the search engine ranking and it may take a while to restore the previous ranking.

To conclude

If you are in a hurry to get sales growth, go for CPC campaigns by all means. However, PPC cost may turn impermissible for your business in the long run. So, also start working on SEO to avoid long term disappointments.

For new start-ups, it is highly advisable to adopt SEO. Low budget PPC campaigns can also be considered to get the sales going.

Before going for SEO, have the SEO agency determine authorities of competing websites and asses whether it is possible to outrank them in search results.

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