Digital marketing could easily become intimidating if you try to do it on your own or manage it in-house without the right team in place.

Your competitors are doing everything to drive growth with digital marketing and most likely have a digital agency on board.

To stay competitive, you should outsource partially or completely to a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing is a universe in itself. It comprises numerous features and presents abundant possibilities and it is nearly impossible knowing all of them, let alone having mastery over them.

Thus, the larger and more competent and experienced your team, the more exposed you are to the world of digital marketing and the more aware you are to the possibilities available in digital marketing.

A limited team or limited knowledge will yield limited results, even though the team will perceive them as the ultimate achievable results due to limiting collective paradigms of the team.

When we compare in-house and outsourced digital marketing, we actually compare the cumulative knowledge and experience available in both the options. We compare their costs and pay-offs. We compare the threats they pose, the comforts they will give us.

1) Beat online competition

Most likely, your top competitors out there in the market realize the importance of digital marketing and have been investing in it successfully to grow their business. You cannot afford the time it takes to create an in-house team of digital marketing professionals comprising strategist, researcher, analyst, SEO expert, campaign experts, content writer. All businesses, big and small, should find an agency that takes up the job of creating an online strategy and implement it in a way that gives your business an immediate edge over its top competitors.

2) Affordable

Agencies have various packages at different rates available for new, growing and big businesses. Different services are placed under the same package and there’s no need for the company to pay individual people for their respective services.

One-time pay can do the trick, so you don’t have to go through the fuss of transferring money to a bunch of different accounts. The accumulated fee of individual services is always greater compared to the packages provided by digital marketing agencies.

3) Structured

Agencies have a balanced structure. The various departments consist of strategists, copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, content writers, web designers etcetera. There’s an equal distribution of work amidst the employees who do the work allotted to them within a set deadline. The importance of a structure exists in the fact that it helps in deriving good results within a limited period of time.

4) Innovation

The members present in an agency constantly brainstorm ideas that would enhance the digital marketing results and improve the company/ client’s image in the market. Most of the members of the team are well acquainted with and experienced in the digital field, so their minds are always brimming with fresh ideas that would bring forth innovative, creative and new plans into the picture.

5) The target audience is easily reached

The target audience in marketing refers to the group of people whom the message or product is meant for. The very motive of marketing is to deliver a message to certain people present in society, which in return would increase sales.

An agency goes through a phase of thorough research in order to decide where, how and when the message will be delivered to the people, which would create the greatest impact and ensure great results.

6) Better insights & reports

A digital marketing agency by virtue of the business they are in, keep themselves abreast of the latest technology, latest trends, industry updates and case studies. They have worked with clients from a wide range of industries with different visions and goals and are adept at customizing the digital strategy for your business needs. They are equipped with better insights to know what combinations of digital channels will best suit the type of your business. They will also be prepared for possible risks with mitigation plans.

7) The use of the latest technology

Good agencies have access to special tools and software which gives them the benefit of fast and accurate research, analysis and strategy, less repetitive activities, faster implementation, optimum ROI and faster achievement of business goals.

8) The success of the client and agency goes hand-in-hand

Agencies will do anything in their power to bring a business into prominence because the success of the business adds to the success of the agency itself. The reputation of an agency depends on the amount of success the client has acquired.

9) It helps in creating a presence in various social media platforms

The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, is the reason why the popularity of the internet has dramatically increased over the years. In the 21st century, not being a part of these social media platforms is equivalent to living in a cave. Agencies know the little tricks and hack to give your businesses, a voice amidst the traffic on the internet. They do so with the help of catchy blogs, videos, posts and images. They do their best to grasp the target audience’s attention and interest.

10) More time for core business

Outsourcing digital marketing to an external agency save you time and energy to focus on your core business. We are in the era of outsourcing. More and more businesses are opting for outsourcing non-core activities to third parties. Pay-roll preparation, packaging, shipping, fabrication of sub-assemblies, purchasing, transportation and hiring are some examples of outsourcing. The focus on outsourcing stems from a growing realization that it is not possible to be competitive in non-core activities and it is, therefore, advisable to hand over such activities to the third parties.

While experts are engaged in executing the promotional plans for your business, you get enough time to focus on other key areas of your business.

11) SEO is efficiently implemented

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The major search engines on the internet such as Google, Bing and Yahoo provide results based on the keywords typed in the search box.

SEO basically integrates keywords into the content which goes well with the search algorithm of a search engine, so that in the result section, the company which has been optimized comes at the top and into the attention of the existing or prospective customers.

When an individual searches for something over the internet, he or she doesn’t exceed the first 3-4 pages of the search results, and in order to avoid being lost in the countless other companies over the internet, SEO has been invented, so that the customers get exactly what they’re looking for and the company also reaches its ideal target audience.

SEO is a highly specialized job and its success depends on skill and experience which is possessed by good agencies.

An agency does thorough research on both the company and its target audience and creates keywords for the SEO which would effectively put the company up there with the greatest competitors.

12) Transparency

A good digital marketing agency has systems in place to monitor timelines and deliverables and they continually review the digital strategy to further optimize the results. Improving ROI trend is necessary for them to retain a client. So, the agencies go the extra mile to maintain transparency with the client. It notifies the client about the quantum of their investment and the channels where it is being deployed. This also enables the client to verify ROI trends of different digital channels and status of the overall business goals.

13) Elevation of small businesses

Small businesses or start-ups usually find themselves in a desperate need to compete with the existing large businesses which are already on the top. Agencies provide a quick platform to give these small businesses a fair chance to confront the large businesses face to face, which is not possible when it comes to the in-house effort of digital marketing.

14) Agencies are also responsible for maintenance and development

Work of agencies does not stop after the creation of the website or a strategy. They are in charge of the further maintenance and development of the website and its respective content.

They make sure the stability and innovation of the content created are maintained.

15) 360-degree digital marketing

To grow traffic, brand awareness and sales your company needs to be active in multiple digital marketing and advertising platforms. A multi-channel 360-degree digital marketing strategy is what brands look at.

If you plan to start digital marketing with a 360-degree approach and manage it in-house, you will have to build a big team.

Alternatively, outsourcing to a full-service digital marketing agency could be an option.

16) Setting up a digital marketing department

Can you set up an in-house digital marketing department? Maybe you already have one? Setting up and managing a full digital marketing department involves time and money. You will need experts in strategy, content, design, branding, lead generation, ad campaign managers, development and more with the right experience. Alternatively, you can hire an agency that already has all the resources you need.

17) Outsourcing digital marketing partially

To get results with digital marketing, all functions involved must work together to achieve business goals. The functions being, a good digital strategy, creative design, quality content production, analytics, inbound marketing, search marketing, content marketing, social media, digital media buying, ad campaign management and more.

One way to go about it is to partially outsource digital marketing. For instance, you may decide to keep the strategy part of digital marketing in-house and outsource other components. Another instance could be that you outsource strategy, content production and social media marketing, and manage other components in-house.

The point being that such a hybrid model is possible and many are already doing it. After evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, you decide what to outsource and what to manage in-house.

18) Non-performance

What do you do if things do not work? If you manage digital marketing in-house, and the team fails to deliver results, you will either give them time to come up with a better strategy or recruit new talent. This will again take time and money.

When you outsource to a digital marketing agency and it fails to deliver expected performance, you can quickly move to another agency.

19) Experience

When building a team in-house, you will hire digital marketers with experience in different industries. When such a group works together, there may be conflicts of opinions. And strategies that worked well for their last jobs, may not fit well with your digital marketing needs.

On the other hand, the teams that work in digital marketing agencies simultaneously manage multiple campaigns for different sectors. With a lot of experience and synergy, such teams are in a better position to put in place a digital marketing strategy that works and execute it for you.

20) Managing change

Digital marketing is very dynamic. For success on digital, it’s critical that marketers stay on top of emerging trends, best practices, and new technologies. If you manage digital marketing in-house, training and development will consume resources. Alternatively, if you outsource, you save on training and development costs.

To make the most of digital marketing opportunities and grow business, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency seems like a good idea.

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