Digital Marketing Cost

Why is cost important? When cost of any service is seen merely as an expense, it is perceived as burden and there is a nagging pressure to avoid or reduce it. But when the same service is seen as quantifiably contributing to desired growth of a business, the perception changes. And if the growth

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1. It’s simple You hire SEO team. Hand over your website to them. Tell them what your potential clients are searching on the internet. The SEO team makes your site SEO-compatible, arranges content, creates and loads new content at a suitable frequency all the time aligning their efforts with Google algorithm to determine search

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Digital marketing for Doctors

Get more patients for your medical practice with digital marketing.In today’s world, when everything – information, service or product – is just a few queries away on Google-search or social platforms, internet has become the biggest influencer for the consumers and service-seekers and its influence is going to grow with every passing day.As a

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Benefits of outsourcing digital marketing

Digital marketing could become intimidating if you try to do it on your own or manage it in-house. Your competitors are doing everything to drive growth with digital marketing and most likely have an agency onboard. To stay competitive, you should outsource partially or completely to a digital marketing agency.Digital marketing is a universe

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating and distributing information on a subject, product or service that is useful for your potential customers as well as relevant to your business. From a digital marketing perspective, such content can be created in various formats like blog posts, videos, social media posts, research papers, press releases, advertorials, white

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How many pages should a website have for SEO?

How many pages does the average website have and how many pages do you need for good SEO results?Number of web pagesThere are 1 page websites (mostly personal websites, sometimes business too)Small and medium business websites could be 10 to a few 100 pagesInstitutions, corporates, news and government websites could have from thousand to

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