competitive advantage inbound marketing

The Mid 1990’s had a huge impact on society as we have it. It was the timeframe when internet went public for the first time. Before that what we had was different communities living in different geographical regions separated by their own cultural identities, traditions and values. But when the internet came out the world began to converge, and it got smaller, what we now have is a crucible, a melting pot for ideas, concepts and eventually ventures, and these were no longer bound by geographical boundaries.

And then, the torchbearer for our generation came into existence, Google was founded be messers Larry page and Sergey brin in 1998, now you could just look for information on the internet, information that was previously available only in a library of a far off university where you might not have had access to it, was now right at the tip of your fingers, and all you needed was an internet connection.

What happened then, was truly remarkable, all of a sudden, the world began to talk, ideas were floated openly in forums and specialists were just a click away, all your problems could be answered just by asking the right questions on the right forum, all this changed the communication scene as well, people relied on telecom operators to communicate before, now chat rooms had come up, messengers soon followed, personal messaging became the thing that defined the initial millennia.

Following the advent of search engines, social networks came into existence, people got together online and found mutually interesting topics of conversation, the idea generation process continued, managing your online profile became just as important as managing the one offline, the mid and late 2000’s was indeed a phase of technological revolution, it was the same time that names like youtube, facebook and twitter became known entities , at the time no one would predict their scale.

In the next few years, people got hooked, they switched from watching television to receiving information on their handheld devices, the devices also got convenient, smaller, and in general -pocket friendly. In the near future most of the data traffic generated would be directed towards handhelds.

People began to come online to be entertained, and entertained they were, now people did not need to stick around waiting for their favourite show to premier on tv, neither shell out huge amounts for movies, As the population’s data consumption needs grew, companies decided to move to the digital platform to market themselves. This lead to the disruptive innovation of inbound marketing. How was this disruptive?

Inbound marketing, is when people are looking for you online and they find you. Today, when people need something, they will ask a search engine to find it for them (the most popular search tool being google). Suppose, you want to look for a veterinarian in your region, what do you do? Do you go asking around door to door to find out if someone has a veterinarian in contact, no, you open your browser and simply ask for it to locate one for you in your region. This changed the whole marketing industry. Now, people who knew a lot about outbound marketing (the only kind before inbound was created) knew nothing about the most organic and natural way to get noticed.

A need for new age professionals emerged, people who understood how the internet infrastructure worked, people who understood how search engines locate and perceive businesses on a local and national scale. Professionals who could tweak the odds in your favour, by giving your business the recognition it deserves.

We can help you be found, how? you ask.

We create and promote content tailored to suit your company’s profile and then promote it using various channels. We ensure people see your business placed at the right place at the right time, this leads to higher inquiries generation which in turn leads to higher conversion of business, and lets you be known as a reliable entity with a strong market presence.