Digital Marketing Sales Manager

Job Description

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Rs. 4,70,000/- to Rs. 7,00,000/-

We seek a digital marketing sales manager with an uplifting spirit and proficiency in leading a team of sales professionals. Your goal would be to create strategies to achieve quarterly sales targets, deliver sales training and most importantly, make sure the sales team motivated.

Education and Experience

You should hold a master's degree, or at least have a bachelor’s degree in business, management or a related field. You should also have up to 4+ years of job experience in sales.

Key Skills

Leadership: Your job is to keep your team motivated, working with them to set and meet sales goals. You will have to resolve conflicts and partially be responsible for hiring sales professionals.

Analytical Skills: You will take the sales numbers and analyze them to find weaknesses in the system, cost-saving opportunities and redundancies. Good analytical skills will help you set proper goals and determine pricing. 

Customer Service: You might need to speak with dissatisfied customers, or entertain clients. Customer service skills are necessary.

Communication Skills: A big part of sales and leadership is communication. You have to be a good listener and speaker, to help customers and employees understand your direction and recommendations.


Manage quarterly sales targets and growth.

Create and implement a sales strategy that expands agency’s customer base. 

Objective setting, performance monitoring and training of individual sales professionals.

Strengthen existing customer relationships.

Sales forecasting.

Create monthly sales and revenue reports.

Market research to observe and identify sales growth opportunities

To apply for this position, send your resume at