Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Digital marketing for startups

Does startup success depend on digital marketing? Many would agree, many won’t. One thing is for sure, the capacity to strategically use digital marketing to reach masses certainly helps startups acquire more customers and skyrocket sales.

The digital consumer

Consumers are smart and are always connected to digital. They search and consume information on search engines, media sites, social platforms, blogs, forums, video sites and more. They will not settle for anything but the best. The quest will not end until they have found maximum value at a good price.

The opportunity

Consumers digital journey is an opportunity for businesses to amplify awareness, entice potential customers, acquire traffic and generate sales. Using a mix of digital marketing strategies, creative marketing communications and precise audience targeting, startups can and must get exposure on digital.

Start right

Digital marketing is huge. With so many channels and techniques, it sometimes gets confusing. Rather than worrying about digital marketing, start with your customers. You know your product. Before taking on any marketing initiative, it’s absolutely essential to know everything possible about your potential customers.

Build buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictional representations of customers likely to buy from you. Create multiple detailed buyer personas. A complete understanding of your customers will help you craft a brand identity that connects with consumers, identify digital touch points, design marketing communications and test promising digital marketing channels.

Integrated digital marketing – A 360-degree approach

An integrated digital marketing approach works best. Integrated digital marketing is using multiple digital marketing channels to reach customers online. To build your brand and grow, you need integrated digital marketing.

If your customers search for your products and services on search engines, you should be there. When they visit social sites, you should be there. When they are consuming online content related to what you offer, you should be there.

Channels to consider

Search Marketing

Search marketing is a very good option when you are looking for sales. Nicely designed and managed search marketing campaigns will help you acquire relevant traffic and grow sales. When it comes to search, you may opt for paid ads in search (PPC), go for organic or natural search with SEO or both.

Display Advertising

Looking to amplify brand or product awareness? Go for display ads. Its no secret, awareness campaigns with smart targeting and marketing communications will lead to sales. Display advertising comprises of all the graphics and video ads that you see while browsing the web. The Google Display Network (GDN) is one of the most promising platforms for display advertising. You can target ads to people on the basis of their interests. Ads can also be displayed using contextual advertising. Meaning, you can target ads to specific pages on the web with keywords related to your business.


Remarketing is advertising to people who visited your site in the past. In my opinion, it’s the best way to re-engage site visitors. It also builds brand and trust. Anyone who does business with you will certainly visit your site. With remarketing, you can make sure everyone visiting your site, gets to see your ads as they browse the web. Amazing, right. You can remarket on, Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter and even Search Ads.

Social Media Marketing

A few startups feel social media marketing is unprofitable, on the other hand, many believe it to be very useful. Of those who believe in social, only a few know how to use it. Broadly, social media serves three purposes, awareness, branding and customer acquisition. Social media can be used to get your story in front of investors, customers and anyone active on social. With an engaged community and remarketing, startups can reinforce their brand when people find them on any of the social platforms. With social media advertising, startups can also put interest driven ad campaigns in place to directly drive traffic to their sites and acquire customers. There are a lot of things startups can do on social media. One thing to keep in mind is to exactly know what your objectives are on social media, as every objective would have a unique campaign design and strategy.

Digital PR

Every startup has a story. You have one too. Online PR can work wonders for any startup. Invest time in brainstorming ideas for a press release. A good PR agency sends your story to relevant journalists and bloggers. If they find your story compelling, they will share it with the world. For any PR campaign to work, the press release needs to be amazing. A good story is all you need to get success with PR. When you write one, ask yourself if people would share it with friends and coworkers. If the answer is yes, you will get very good results with PR.

Digital Media Buying

Every time we buy ad space on the web, its digital media buying. Buying ad space for Google search and display ads, Facebook ads, remarketing, it is all digital media buying. But we have covered all this, right? There is another dimension to media buying that takes marketing to a whole new level. Its buying ad/advertorial space from major publishers, online magazines and news sites, like Times Group. Although this turns out to be very expensive, the instant exposure your startup could get is priceless.

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