Digital Marketing Strategy: Coronavirus Business Impact

Amid Coronavirus crisis, businesses fortunate to adequately sustain through the impact of lockdowns and restrictions wonder how to make the most of the time available to them, for their digital marketing to be more effective when things return to normal.

Here are a few strategies that business owners are pursuing.

A. SEO and Content Marketing

By focusing more on SEO and content marketing, business owners are creating long term strategies to acquire more of the highest quality of free traffic from Google, which translates to new customers.

B. Data Acquisition Campaigns

Businesses have cut down on online ad budgets designated for acquiring customers because of low or no economic activity. 

With the costs of ad inventory likely to decrease, this is a good time to accelerate data acquisition campaigns. 

With marketing campaigns targetted to the right audience segments, businesses are focusing on increasing email subscribers.

C. Nurturing Relationships with Email Marketing

Businesses are using email marketing more aggressively to nurture and build relationships with email subscribers and existing customers.

D. Digital Marketing Strategy Review

Businesses are evaluating and adapting their digital marketing strategies to expedite growth after businesses resume.

E. Website Design/Re-Design

If your business website is outdated, and it does not help you acquire new customers at the rate which you would like, you can consider getting a new professional website rebuilt for your business.

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