So, you’ve decided that you want to employ an inbound marketing strategy. What do you need the most?

A good agency? Yes, you need that.

A good SEO strategy? Also true, without a good SEO strategy you cannot possibly hope to get the kind of organic results that you need for your business to thrive.

What you need the most however is good, original SEO ready content.

Let us explain to you how good content lies at the core of all inbound marketing. And the pivotal role that it plays in the overall implementation of it.

1. Good content with the right keywords

Getting good content that has the right keywords for the queries generated for your business is a boon for your business.

A good content marketing agency will always make sure that you get the right content with the right word length and the right keywords placed strategically while maintaining readability and ensuring a good final product.

Keywords are everything when you want to get indexed as a successful business with the search engines. Making sure that you have the right keywords researched and placed in your posts and articles is the only sure shot way that you will ever get noticed by search engines.

Ensuring that the right keywords are searched and incorporated in the content that is produced on your behalf is something that we do with utmost ease and proficiency.

2. Good content has to be original

All good content has to be 100% original. It has been a couple of years since search engines have adopted algorithms that seek out and shelf out content that has less than 50% originality.

We like to go with 100% because content that has never been indexed by search engines is far more likely to get indexed in a better way than content that lacks originality in even a percent.

Very few agencies claim to be able to do this. And we are absolutely proud of ourselves for this. But how do we manage what we do?

We manage all this because we have a team of creatives who have the right motivation to do what is expected of them, and our expectations are pretty darn high.

Our team of creatives generate and create content for you that is not only original, but also very impressively readable.

3. Good content should garner you readership

To stay afloat on search engines you must consistently produce and publish content that is interesting enough for people to seek more on your website and blog.

Once you have the right kind of readership you will start to see a rather vast difference in the brand identity that you had versus the brand identity that you have now.

Ideally your objective while doing this, is to have people know and talk amongst themselves about the kind of content that is posted on your behalf.

Making sure that your content stays interesting plays a major role in this process. We are very proud of our content generation team that has a reputation to create content that is mind mindbogglingly interesting.

4. Good content will make your SEO work

For SEO to work your website should have massive content that is as original as it is expansive.

Search engines index websites that have voluminous content that is original and interesting (yes, search engines can discriminate between interesting and uninteresting content) to be better than those that don’t. Ensuring that your website has the right volume and quality of content is crucial for your SEO to work. Get this. Without the right content to back up your SEO it is most likely that even the best strategy will eventually fail. Making sure that you get the right kind of content is our job.

We understand your needs better than most agencies out there, because we ask you the right questions in regards to your needs. Add to this the fact that we actually give a damn about how your business is doing and the results aren’t really as surprising as they apparently are.

An astounding 98% of our clientele has been retained (and is constantly impressed) by us strictly because they like the content that we produce.

5. Good content is the core

It is pretty obvious that good content sits at the core of quality SEO and inbound marketing strategy. It essentially just connects all the processes associated with inbound marketing and sets the wheels in motion. And without this simple factorial on your side (well, simple for us). Even the best designed SEO strategies would collapse like a house of cards.

So why not invest in us? Believe us when we say. Our content generation capabilities are beyond compare to what is currently the market standard. We raised the bar. And we do it every day.

Need quality content to make inbound marketing work? Send us a message.