How to Market an eCommerce Website?

How To Market an eCommerce Website

Here are a few suggestions to help you create a greater perspective in regards to marketing your eCommerce website, acquiring a lot of new customers every day and making tonnes of sales.

1. Product and Market Research

It might seem like the best product/idea ever, hopefully, it is, but it should be backed by strong research and data. Be sure there are enough customers that would be willing to buy. Moreover, the product has to be priced right to be competitive and at the same time accommodate all costs and profits.

2. Profit and Scalability

Irrespective of the fact that if your business is funded, cash-rich or bootstrapped, think profit from the first day. Focus more on strategies that are scalable rather than quick wins that live short.

3. Use Only The Best eCommerce Platform

With many popular and free eCommerce content management systems like WordPress, it can be alluring to start with these. Also, many developers recommend clients to build the store with WordPress or any eCommerce CMS they are more familiar and comfortable with, I would recommend against this. In my experience, Shopify is the best. It is stable, very user-friendly and has features that improve not just website management but also marketing performance. With Shopify, you will have more time to do what matters most, marketing your eCommerce website.

4. Deliver Exceptional User Experience

The best user experience on all devices is key. If the UX is sub-optimal, it will certainly have an effect on marketing performance.

5. Leverage AI in Advertising

To scale your eCommerce website profitably, smartly advertising online is more than important. With powerful AI capabilities and more tools available to marketers on ad networks like Google AdWords and Facebook, you can precisely connect with buyers, build your brand and grow sales at an acceptable cost of advertising.

6. Focus More on Sales First, Re-invest Profits in Branding

Unless the idea is to burn money, acquire customers at an unreasonable cost, just get popular and create a high level of engagement that does not translate to sales, avoid branding in the beginning. Focus more on advertising and strategies that get sales profitably. From profits, you can allocate for branding.

7. Care For Your Customers

Even with the best of everything, at end of it, it is most important that the customers are happy, they get real value shopping from you and are promptly taken care of. If the customer experience is phenomenal, your business will grow faster as you reach a higher number of total customers.

8. Hire Specialists

Like everything, eCommerce digital marketing takes time to learn and master. If you can, it is strongly advised that you hire a digital marketing agency or a consultant that specialize in eCommerce and can quickly get your business where you want it to be.