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Cleaning personal search results

Put your best foot forward with online reputation management services for individuals.

Here is what we do for you when you hire us as your online reputation management company.

  1. A complete analysis of personal search results.
  2. Online reputation management consulting.
  3. Plan content production and distribution strategy to outrank negative content.
  4. Strengthen digital assets to protect search results from new negative content.
  5. Completely move all negative content from the 1st page of Google.
  6. Monitor strategies and measure results.

We help you look great in Google search results.

Are there negative search results on Google’s 1st page for searches related to you? Do you want to replace them with positive content and control how you appear to people when they search you online?

Hire us to clean search results and repair your reputation online.

Here is why individuals should address negative content that shows up on Google without delay.

  1. Negative content in personal search results gets a lot of attention.
  2. This has an impact on how you are perceived by most people that research you online.
  3. People trust Google. Any negative content that people discover is taken very seriously.
  4. 90% of employers research job applicants online.
  5. Negative content that stays on Google, could easily get republished by other websites and further damage personal search results.

Online reputation management services for businesses

Is there content on Google that is damaging your company’s reputation?

Negative content impacts how stakeholders perceive a business. It can result in lost sales and even slow down your company’s hiring processes.

As one of the best online reputation management company in India, we can minimize unwanted content in Google for searches related to your business.

Online Reputation Management Packages

  • 1 search term protected and monitored
  • 1 to 10 positions protected in Google search results
  • 6 stories published every month to outrank negative content
  • 3 search term protected and monitored
  • 1 to 10 positions protected in Google search results
  • 15 stories published every month to outrank negative content
  • 5 search term protected and monitored
  • 1 to 30 positions protected in Google search results
  • 40 stories published every month to outrank negative content

ORM Methodology

Assessment – We map negative content and keywords that are to be protected. This is used to build a content strategy to push negative search results and deliver a good search experience.

Content strategy – The content strategy is built around keywords that show negative search results. We create positive stories in the form of blog posts, press releases, reviews, case studies, white papers and more. The stories are written by professional SEO copywriters who make sure that the stories when published, start ranking for the keywords that show negative information.

Publishing – We publish content on leading industry journals, blog networks and press release distribution sites that are known to perform in search results. We want stories we create to outrank the negative content. For this to happen the websites we publish content has to have a reputation of performing well in search.

Search engine optimization – Publishing stories written by expert SEO copywriters on powerful sites is just one part of the online reputation management process. When published, these stories immediately get indexed by Google, but may not outrank the negative content in search results. This is where we need search engine optimization. We share these stories all across the web, such that the rankings of stories published improve over time and eventually outrank the negative content.

Social media management – Social profiles of businesses that are active on social media easily get on the first page for branded searches. Being consistent on social can push the negative content in search results.

Monthly performance review – Every month we review and report to you the changes in rankings of the content we published and the negative content on the search radar.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the authority of the web pages with negative content and your ORM package. ORM projects at NCMborz start showing results from the 2nd month. Completely cleaning search results from the 1st page could take 4 to 8 months.

For a precise time estimate, contact us and speak with an online reputation management consultant to discuss your case.

Pay monthly at start of the month. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime! No time bounding contracts.
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