You want your website to rank high on Google, preferably in the first 3 to 4 results on the 1st page.

Everyone knows getting high rankings on Google is a great way to bring in more business, yet only few truly reap the benefits of SEO by making it to the top.

How to Rank Higher on Google?

Before you start with SEO to rank higher in Google, you should know what search engines are looking for.

It’s simple really. They are looking for amazing websites that they can list in search results. Websites that give real value to the searchers. Is your website amazing? If not, chances are the website won’t make it to the first page.

But what are amazing websites?

Algorithms that search engines use to rank websites for searches are just programs. It’s fascinating their likes and dislikes are very similar to ours. Think about it, what would you want out of a website? We all like websites that deliver a good experience, are fast and most importantly have content that gives value.


What happens when a website with a beautiful design takes 7 seconds to load? It loses traffic.

The best case scenario would be if the website loads in less than a second. 2 seconds is fine. If it takes 3 seconds to load, it’s time for website performance optimization. Head over to GTmetrix to test your web pages load speed.

SEO Optimized

Have you heard of on page optimization? Search engine optimization involves a lot of activities done to achieve better search performance. All SEO activities can be broken down into 2 very broad categories,

  • On page optimization – changes made to the site
  • Off page optimization – activities done off-site to increase website authority

Before search engines rank your website, they need to understand it. Websites that are not optimized for SEO get indexed, but find it difficult to dominate rankings for competitive keywords.

For great results, all pages on the website should be correctly optimized for SEO.

Keeping Websites Fresh

When was the last time you made changes or added content to your site?

If you were Google, would you rank websites that add content regularly or would you rank a site that last made changes 5 years back.

Search engines love fresh websites.

The easiest way to achieve this could be by adding a blog to your site or adding more service pages targeting new keywords or both.

Websites Built With a CMS

It’s a lot easier to add content to your website when it is powered by a CMS. Adding content to website without a CMS will cost time and money. Every time you need to add a page you would need technical support to do it.

Bottom line, get a CMS. With amazing free open source CMS like WordPress, there is no reason for not having a content management system for your site.

Rich in Content

Content is what drives SEO. If you were a search engine, would you rank a website with shallow content or would you prefer to rank a site that’s rich in content? The latter, right?

Search engines also think like that. Sites rich in content do well in search.


Do you know how search engines decide the order in which to rank websites? Google uses over 200 signals to determine the popularity of websites before ranking them in search results. Among these signals, links on other websites pointing to yours are the most important signal. Links from other websites are treated as a vote of trust.

Not all links are good. Low quality links do more harm than good. Don’t go after numbers, instead focus on getting high quality links. One link from a site like will be powerful than hundreds of low quality links.

Get Professional Help

Hiring a SEO company pays for itself. SEO is a time consuming process. You need leads fast. There is no time for experiments.

Experienced SEO professionals can easily determine why your website in not performing well in search and what would it take to get high rankings in search results.

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