Project Description

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

digital marketing consulting services

Achieve real results with digital marketing. Get true insight into the present business and future possibilities. Expand your business with definite, detailed plan. Have a digital marketing strategy chalked out for your business.

35 USD (₹ 2,400) for upto 3 hours of engagement

How it works and what you get?

  • Pay online via PayPal by using the above button and get started.
  • We will contact you to learn more about your business and it’s goals.
  • A specialist with 6+ years of experience will do 2 hours of digital marketing research for you and present a strategy.
  • After delivery of strategy, clients get 30 minutes of consultation with the specialist.
  • If happy with the strategy, clients can ask for more consultations or have the plan executed.

How to pay online? – Clients worldwide can pay online securely via PayPal. When you sign up, we will send a payment request from PayPal to you on email. You can pay online with a debit/credit card via PayPal, even without having a PayPal account.

Our approach –

Digital strategy is key to have a well defined plan for short to long term activities. We work with your team to know your products or services, the current customers’ profiles, marketing channels and campaigns already in place, business goals, challenges, feedback from the customers. This is followed by our digital research for augmenting the information received from your team and prepare for you a convincing road-map for your digital journey.

Our digital marketing strategies are customized for the nature of your business and industry and are highly agile and flexible.

However, they broadly have following steps.

1. Digital inventory assessment

Analysis of your present digital assets – websites, content, blogs and campaigns, checking their correlation with your business goals, understanding your approach, evaluating digital possibilities and additional digital needs.

2. Setting research based goals

Research on the present and potential customers’ profiles for your industry, identifying your resources, determining new possibilities and setting digital goals.

3. Strategy execution

Setting calendar of actions, designing reporting structure integrating conformance to KPIs and digital analytics.

4. Continual push

Periodic review of the achievements, new technological developments, new customer behaviors and modifying the strategy to adapt to evolving digital scenarios.

5. Revenue focus

Evaluating the costs of customer-acquisitions from different channels, narrowing down the target audience demographic and psychography to increase ROI and redistributing resource allocation to maximize leads and sales.

6. Leveraging gains

Evaluating gains, creating new goals, forming new strategy.