Social Media Marketing Services

Increase visibility and get new customers from social media. Build relationships by engaging with your audiences to achieve business results.

Our services include –

  1. social media design,
  2. pages and profile management,
  3. social advertising,
  4. influencer campaigns and more.

Unleash your sales and retain your customers with the rapidly growing influence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. More and more of your potential customers are being active on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They choose the platforms that fulfil their personal interests as well as business needs. As an expert of your business, you know where most of your current and potential customers are to be found. We build upon your knowledge with our digital research and put your business and advertisements on the right platform and target the right audience to accelerate your growth. The biggest benefit of social media marketing is that you can target you prospects on a highly segmented level, giving you higher number of healthy leads at reduced cost. Get in touch with us if you are looking to expand your sales through social audiences. We would be eager to understand your requirements. We will design and execute a social strategy for you using one or more of the following social platforms.

1. Facebook

We manage your highly targeted and economical advertisements on Facebook, giving you high lead generation through outbound marketing and remarketing.

We also manage your business page to engage your existing customers and acquiring new customers through referrals (e.g. shares and likes by your present customers) and increasing the brand awareness.

2. LinkedIn

If you are in a B2B business and your target is professional audience, LinkedIn may be the best place to run your advertisement campaigns although this can also be effectively used for many B2C businesses as well.

We can post your adverts at the home pages of your target audience or your LinkedIn sponsored content in their news feed for branding as well as lead generation.

3. Twitter

With our Twitter advertising service, we can run Twitter’s follower campaign to increase your brand awareness. Your Twitter handle will show up in the ‘who to follow’ boxes of the target audience. Your handle will also appear in their home feeds and notifications.

We can also place your advertisements on your target audience’s home feed encouraging them to click your website link.

4. Pinterest

We can make images of your products or services and reach your highly targeted audiences through Pinterest’s sponsored pins service. Your potential customers will visit your site for more details and buying.

How do you benefit from social marketing?

The social platforms have plethora of information about their users – their basic information, qualification, business, company, designation, interests, location and more. This gives you opportunity to show your sponsored/ paid advertisements/ feeds to very finely filtered audiences and get maximum leads and sales at low investment. The users are networked. This gives your business page the opportunity to be visible to the network of the existing customers or followers thus increasing the brand awareness and broadening the customer base.