social media marketing services

Social Media marketing is when you engage the right audience with the right content and expertise on social channels. This is a niche market segment and it is rather hard finding an agency that delivers to you the performance that it commits to delivering, the reason for this is that the only measurement of success of a social media marketing firm is the number of clients they have successfully engaged for the services and the campaigns that they have successfully run.

The agency work ethic also has a major role to play in the field. The agency that you engage should be punctual, have a zero error approach and should be able to deliver outstanding quality for your business.

NCMborz brings to you the best social media marketing services that you can find anywhere. Our services include,

1. Strategy

They say that you can rule the world with the right strategy, and the right strategy cannot only guarantee that you control the final outcome but everything else in between. It is truly as they say it is, well begun is half done.

The first thing that you need to get active and noticed on social is a great social media strategy, notice how we said great and not good?

Well, this is because with stiff competition on the media, your strategy has to be flawless in its conception and implementation.

Our team of top notch,, industry leading strategists will help you get the strategy that you need to get your product/service across to your target audience.

2. Consultancy

Or maybe, you already know the basics, maybe you are already active on social and have been that way for long. But your lead generation is not what you’d call the best.

What we are saying is that even with all the effort that you put in to get your business the traction that it needs to get going on social, you are still not generating enough business, your campaign seems to be missing something crucial and you just can’t seem to figure out what.

The solution is simple really, you need an outside perspective, and not just any outside perspective, you need one that knows how things are done.

We offer consultancy services that are guaranteed to turn your failing (or even poorly performing) campaigns around.

3. Brand personality

Every brand needs a personality, like an individual needs his/hers. But does your brand personality sync up with the brand that you really are, or does it so happen that people take you not too seriously or too seriously and you just can’t seem to figure out what you are doing wrong?

The reason for this happening this way is simple, your brand identity and your brand personality are out of sync.

We offer brand personality services that ensure that your brand stays true to its core values and projects the same to the audience that you hope to engage.

4.Profile management

Your business needs professional profiles like you need social profiles, simply said, this is your face on the internet and a faceless business is one step short of failure.

How these profiles look and are managed is something that influences how people perceive your business in the long term.

You don’t want to miss out on business because your social profiles could not stand up to what your audience expects.

But what does your audience expect?

Your audience expects your social profiles to be immaculate, meticulous and descriptive while being brief. We offer you professional services for profile generation

5. Blog Management

The most important thing that you need to stay afloat on the social media radar is a great blog to redirect to, the most important thing that you need to be on the blog when your audience reaches it is powerful, original and relevant content. Content that is rich in information and relevant to your business needs to be showcased on your blog, and for this to happen, you need to get the right agency that has a strong research team that is ready to deliver original, relevant and well researched content.

Which is why NCMborz has for you, the most amazing team for content generation and curation that delivers content that flows naturally and is a delight to read, thus garnering the right readership for you.

6. Social Advertising

Want to get noticed by your prospective clients immediately and without delay? you need to get active on sponsored social media marketing campaigns. Now, the difference between a successful ad campaign lies with your agency’s capacity to identify and target the demographic that your business needs to get the right visibility and traction.

Which is why NCMborz has a team of expert analysts that find the right target demographic for your business and get to you customised and optimised campaigns that get you the right results.

7. Cross channel promotions

Cross channel promotions are when you engage separate channels at the same time to ensure that you get the most visibility and traction to get the ball rolling. You need an agency that understands these channels of social communication thoroughly and is ready to deliver to you, high value performance that meets the needs for your business with guaranteed returns, at NCMborz we have the expertise that you need.

8. Community Development and Management

One very important aspect of Social media marketing is community development and management. Why? because when people start to talk about your product, they immediately form a community that acts as a base of common interest, this is important because these people are your word of mouth propagators, and this is the best kind of marketing that you can get.

You need an agency that has successfully built and managed communities that have been loyal to the brand that they have been associated with, which is exactly what you get at NCMborz.

What you get?

Here’s what you should expect when you engage our services.

1. Increase traffic

The traffic to your website will increase upon engagement with us, how this happens is simple really, with increased visibility and more people finding you organically, you will find that the traffic on your website will increase exponentially.

2. Increase exposure

When you engage us for your social media marketing needs you will find that you are better exposed to your prospective clients and that you will start to generate interest for your business..

3. Conversations

Have real conversations with customers on social media, this is customer engagement like never before and is something that will lead to you generating much desired interest and awareness about your product.

4. A social strategy that leads to conversions

Your social media marketing strategy is something that you need to be meticulous and effective, when you engage us, we make sure that your social media marketing strategy is flawless and gets your brand the attention that it deserves.

5. High quality content and creatives

It is one thing to have a creative agency by your side, another to have one that is capable of producing 100% original content that gets the right traction. This is something that you need because only original, quality content ranks on google and everything else stays clear of its radar.

Why you need to be active on social today?

If you aren’t already, you need to get active on social real quick.

Because this is where all your prospective customers are and social is literally a goldmine that gets you the right traction and awareness that leads you to generate business like never before.

You need to tap this goldmine for all its worth. In order to do that you must engage an agency that takes time to understand your needs and that gets to you the performance that you deserve.

Why Choose us?

Its simple really. Choose us because we are a young agency that cares for your brand the same way that we care for ours, because we understand that in order for us to be a successful venture we need to first create success stories that create value for the client and then for us.