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What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is creating and distributing information on a subject, product or service that is useful for your potential customers as well as your business. It is all about creating really valuable and high-quality content that people who are important to your business love to consume.

If you think of it, content marketing is central to all marketing strategies.

From a digital marketing perspective, content marketing is all about creating content in various formats like blog posts, videos, social media posts, research papers, press releases, advertorials, white papers, eBooks, newsletters and more.

Once created, the content is pushed with digital channels with or without online advertising such that it gets noticed, consumed and helps a business achieve meaningful results.

Also, good content marketing is absolutely essential if you are trying to make inbound marketing or SEO work for your business.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is important because of its ability to make an impact, create massive brand awareness quickly and drive sales for your business.

Moreover, it is scalable, which makes it a very lucrative approach to market a business. If done right, it can quickly get a business serious popularity, increased trust, more customers and revenue growth.

Not just that, content marketing can also help you build a stronger relationship with existing customers.

Content marketing can be integrated with any of the digital marketing objectives that are important for your business.

It can help you build brand awareness, generate leads, grow product sales, create engagement, push communication, build loyalty and more.

How to create a content marketing strategy?

Creating a good content marketing strategy is absolutely essential to build a strong foundation for your content marketing efforts.

It all starts with your potential customers. Research them thoroughly. Learn about the platforms they spend time on, what content they consume and the most effective channels to reach them on digital.

A content marketing strategy is adaptive in nature. What this means is that once you create a content marketing plan and implement it, you measure its success, learn from it, and redesign your strategy accordingly.

You can create a content marketing strategy yourself if you have the time, resources and expertise to do it. However, it is highly recommended that you consult or hire a content marketing specialist or a content marketing agency.

This will help you make sure that your content marketing strategy is focused towards achieving your business goals. You will have a concrete content marketing plan that covers all the key aspects of content marketing like, what content to produce, what format to produce content in, where to publish content, user experience and design from conversion rate optimization perspective, how to distribute your content on digital and how to measure it.

How much does content marketing cost?

There are primarily 3 cost components of content marketing. The first component is content production. The second is your advertising budget to make sure that the content you have produced reaches your target audience and gets consumed. And lastly, the agency/ consultancy fee for your content marketing specialist or agency.

If you are a small or local business you can expect to get meaningful results if you start investing 500 to 1500 USD per month. If you are a big business, you could start with anything from 5000 to 20000 USD per month.

How much you invest in content marketing entirely depends on your marketing budget, your business goals, what content formats you use in your content marketing plan and the number of people you want your content to reach

Content marketing in SEO

Content marketing is not just limited to SEO. Also, you first have to ascertain if SEO and content marketing are a good mix for your particular business.

For instance, if there are not enough search volumes on Google for content that is relevant to help you achieve your business goals, content marketing with SEO might not be very useful.

Conversely, if there are plenty of searches on Google, it becomes highly beneficial to build a content marketing strategy that leverages SEO for getting your content discovered.

There are certain advantages when your content marketing strategy is created with SEO in focus.

  1. Content marketing helps your overall SEO. What this means is that as you take on content marketing, you will witness an increase in organic traffic on your website. With more traffic on the website, brand awareness and revenue follows.
  2. If the content that you produce and publish is optimized for SEO, you have the option to not invest in advertising and get eyeballs to your content organically from search engine traffic. If the content produced is really good and optimized to rank in search engines, Google will in time reward you high rankings. Your content then gets discovered without advertising. Also, this is usually for a very long time.

How content marketing can fail and how to avoid it?

Things do not work out when they are not done right.

We often come across entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners who claim that content marketing or any other digital marketing channel did not work well for their business.

Here are a few key reasons why content marketing fails.

  1. Inadequate research on on-line behaviour of potential customers.
  2. The content doesn’t occur impressive to the target audience.
  3. Use of channels that are popular and efficient for most businesses but unproductive for your business.
  4. Lack of conversion rate optimization, which may render the initiative unviable.

Content marketing is one of the most effective approach to market a business online. When used in a right way, it has immense potential to transform a business. However to stay on the right course and to avoid pitfalls as mentioned in the preceding para it is important that it is handled by an ingenious team.

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