Good Web Design Still Very Important for a Business in 2019

You need a website that looks magnificent and presents your business professionally online. But why is it that having a good web design is still so important in 2019?

In this post, we talk about key points that help you build the right outlook before you hire a web design company to build your business website.

1. Websites are a marketing asset

Information about products/services and the business is something that should be a part of every website, but by looking at the site as just an online brochure, businesses completely go blind on the possibility of using their website as a marketing channel to drive growth.

Websites are marketing assets that have the potential to generate more awareness and leads/sales for your business. Like any great product or service, websites also have to be marketed to bring in traffic and acquire new customers.

You want people to know about your business and get more customers. Your website can help you do that.

To get good results from digital marketing services, it is imperative that you have a professional looking business website that delivers the best user experience on all devices.

2. Opportunity to build your brand

If people can find you online, they can find your competitors as well. The web has shifted the power from businesses to customers. Before making any buying decisions, people research online. In the research phase, they interact with many brands and evaluate. This is why brand development is important. It sets you apart and helps your business get noticed.

On the web, a business website is the face of the company. Even if you have a 5000 square feet office, but a shady website, prospective customers online will not think of the business as a credible one. You should do everything to present your business powerfully online. The website has to have a great design that builds trust and strong content that reflects expertise. It should also be easy for visitors to browse through the site. And it should be responsive too.

3. Marketing and business communication

You already know that marketing communications help you build your brand and strengthen your relationships with existing and potential customers. To get communications across to customers, traditionally brands use paid channels like newspapers, SMS marketing, magazines and more. Every time they used the channel they had to pay for it. This is great. But how do small businesses with low budgets communicate with customers?

On the web, even small businesses can compete with big brands without spending a fortune. All they need is a good digital marketing strategy. Using blogging, search engine optimization, social media marketing and other digital marketing techniques, a business can get their message across to potential customers.

For this to be possible, what is needed is,

  • an SEO friendly website,
  • quality content and
  • a good sense of how to promote content/services with digital marketing.

For all this to work, a good website is absolutely critical.

4. Show expertise

Many small businesses make this one mistake of not showing off. Because of limited budgets, they just go for a website with 5 to 10 pages that have basic information about the business, its products, and services.

What about case studies, processes, frequently asked questions, awards, media mentions and most importantly, a blog?

When you have case studies on your website, it helps customers to get an in-depth understanding of your business products and services helped another business solve a problem.

Processes give potential customers an idea of how things will work if they decide to do business with you.

Frequently asked questions help you shorten the sales process, by addressing frequent customer queries right on the website.

Showcasing awards and media mentions help your business reflect credibility.

And finally, a blog that reflects your expertise.

Websites are a marketing investment. Not something where you should be price sensitive and compromise on quality.

5. Good websites and marketing go hand in hand

A good website is very important for your digital marketing success.

When you invest in digital marketing to bring traffic to your site, the quality of the website has a direct correlation with its ability to convert traffic into customers.

This is what makes a good website design absolutely critical.